Hi, I’m Enzo

I’m a design leader, and I have been helping several organisations in my career. Still, every day, I try to improve ways to better define and align design and product strategies so that businesses are successful and users happy. And I couldn’t do any of that without establishing and growing effective design teams. Every organisation is unique for industry, structure, culture and design maturity, which is why both strategies and teams need to be bespoke every time.

During my 20+ years of experience in the field, I enjoyed helping other designers from kick-starting their careers, maturing in their roles, finding their specialisations, and possibly becoming leaders themselves. At every step of their career, ultimately I care that they can demonstrate their individual and team value to both themselves and the organisations they work for.

That of the designer is one of the most beautiful jobs that the digital era gifted us with, and I consider myself very lucky to be one of them. This is also why, sometimes, I can’t help myself from getting hands-on to explore scalable design solutions to complex business problems.

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